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I really idolise actors who take risks and transform themselves.

My ex is dating an ugly guy who is ricky ullman dating 2016

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I don't get that HSHP is awfully vain or anything, based on other threads he's started. My ex-wife's three succeeding marriages were simply proof that she didn't know how good she had it with me. Not only are looks not everything, but everyone has different standards.I did have an ex-girlfriend who joined the convent. Never said they WERE everything, and "everyone has different standards" doesn't hold water when you're trying to discern one set of standards from two examples that are supposed to be representative of that one standard.

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That's the kind of face that makes you CERTAIN the guy's got the best drugs in town. It's a somewhat bewildered and certainly superficial kind of angry. And it's entirely possible the dude lassoed her from three blocks away without using rope.Worse, my ex used to really hate this guy, refused to let him use the toilet in our house because she was sure that he had some loathesome communicable disease. Happy Scrappy Hero Pup you have told us loads about your ex. It's a "how in the world could you consider THAT to be comparable to ME?We would stay up at night mocking his looks, his pretentiousness, his social awkwardness, his amoral application of situational ethics, and I would offer the occasional weak defense of the poor dude. It must have occured to you that you were too good for her, you saw through her tricks. " No, your brand-new Kia Sephia is NOT comparable to the Corvette you used to drive, and to pretend so is laughable!Well if they're already an EX then it doesn't really bother me that much.It was being cheated on with an ugly person that really got to me.Obviously, I haven't seen this guy, but maybe he's got a certain something that woman find hot - a la Steven Tyler or Mick Jager - objectively, both those guys are pretty funny looking, but I have a feeling they do OK with the ladies. Okay, I get that you think the guy is unattractive, and feel pretty bad about it.