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“I’m not just doing it to satisfy myself,” he said.

“I’m doing it because I know that, if the audience only gets this story and the way that it is written, their lives are going to be changed.

“One of the entertainments for the evening was going to be watching the Queen going upriver to the Millennium Dome,” he recalled. His Lear enters the stage to a show of worship that contains a warning: nobody is to approach. “They were the first men I was attracted to: long hair, tight trousers, dirty hands.

“The significance of the Grand was not just the crucial introduction to professional performers on the job but also having some independence from home and school, meeting people my family and friends didn’t know,” he said. .’ I thought if Richard Cottrell and Alan I become a professional actor?

On the overcast May morning when we first met, his ease and accessibility were reflected in his dress—a blue T-shirt, jeans, and low-top green sneakers.

Mc Kellen has a large head, made even larger these days by the unruly mass of white hair and beard he has grown for the role of Lear.

In 2006, playing the leering Widow Twankey in a pantomime version of “Aladdin” at London’s Old Vic, he tapped into his music-hall roots and discovered his inner Dame, a lewd, garish old tart who, according to his Cambridge contemporary the director Stephen Frears, echoed “all the Northern comics he would have seen—Norman Evans, Frank Randle, and Les Dawson.” Mc Kellen’s democratic appetite for performance has also extended to guest appearances on the venerable North Country soap opera “Coronation Street,” “Extras,” “The Simpsons,” and “Saturday Night Live,” which he hosted in 2002, as well as appearances in the movie “The Da Vinci Code” and the “X-Men” and “Lord of the Rings” trilogies.

In 1994, Mc Kellen, who calls himself a “front man” for gay activism in Britain, took the pitcher’s mound at Yankee Stadium before a crowd of fifty thousand to close the Gay Games. “But you can call me Serena.”In person, there is nothing camp or frivolous about Mc Kellen.