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At first they tried to rip my bag out of my hands; I then felt hands all over my body, tearing down my trousers and long jacket; they were undoing its clips. They pulled my trousers and pants down, but couldn’t get them all the way down because I was wearing boots that they couldn’t manage to get off ...

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We talk about our daily life, trips, parenthood and home improvements. This is my journal of our adventures, misadventures, random ramblings and crazy ...

Expatlog - Life without borders Welcome to my world, an exploration of culture and identity through the eyes of a mixed-race, expat family (currently based in Canada), and a voyage of discovery into the volatile waters of life with ...

blog jots my journey as an Irish girl in the big city.

I like to write about my general lifestyle amongst my many other inspirations and interests.

The mosque's architecture is a blend of Moorish and Mughal influences.

The new mosque, which could accommodate some 200 worshippers, was the original Jummah Mosque.You can also get in touch with all the members of the Canada network. Journalist, travel writer, filmmaker and broadcaster Anne Kostalas writes about the differences between living in Britain ...Like a New Home Hello, Like a New Home is a blog from Brazilian expats, living in Ottawa, Canada. Journal of a City Girl I’m a South African expat living, travelling and working my way around the world with my dear husband and cat.The deeds of the purchase, dated October 20, 1852, stipulated, among other things, that the Muslim merchants had made the purchases: ...jointly and severally, in their own names as well as on behalf of the entire Muslim congregation of Mauritius from which they hereby declare having received special powers.The purchasers declare that the sum of money paid for the present purchases does not belong to them personally but to the whole Muslim congregation of Mauritius.