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I drive her to some little store where she needs to pick something up. Again, this is our first date; I had never met her before this. I have had a woman behave like this on a first date, before or since. Russian Girl 2: I once had a first date with a very hot Russian woman, about 28 years old. She was beautiful, intelligent, and we had a great conversation.
Stilwell Hall was the largest soldiers' club constructed in the west, in 1943. Although military development and construction was just beginning, the War only lasted for another year and a half until the Armistice in November 11, 1918. In August 1940, it was re-designated Fort Ord and the 7th Infantry Division was reactivated, becoming the first major unit to occupy the post. But soon the first threat came from the west as the Japanese Imperial Navy struck at U. naval and military bases on the islands of Hawaii at Pearl Harbor near Honolulu and in the Philippines in a sneak air attack, Sunday, December 7, 1941.