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Reply I’ve been with Aramark for 10 years they bringing this manager that got let go from Savannah Georgia and he shows up and he thinks he’s a he’s a savior for Aramark discuss the next thing I know he shows up with another manager with a piece of paper saying that I either resign I either resigned from the company or I step down in my position from the company so being that I need a job and I need insurance number I’m a triple bypass patient and a diabetic accepted to step down then he turned around and took a dollar fifty three off my hourly salary and he thinks that’s alright well for being a company that that needs all its hard working employees it sure seems like they don’t care about us and he arrested me always picking on me last and where I’m at one of my doing and it doesn’t do that to anybody else I think it’s a fact because I’m a heart patient and a diabetic he’s Ray that I could file a lawsuit lawsuit against the company or him for harassing me company Fortune 500 company can let their men that people talk to their employees that are the backbone of the company they’re the ones out there working to keep in contact with the clients making the clients happy but it seems like I’ve read at least 6 or 7 and more reports that saying that nothing gets done they just let us go and don’t worry about ittotally unprofessional Reply I am no longer employed at Aramark in Metropolis Illinois. The same breakfast pizza I used to get by the slice was now costing me 4$ each, and the size was a typical small slice.