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The month-long battle, which resulted in the death of over 100,000 civilians and the complete devastation of the city, was the scene of the worst urban fighting in the Pacific theater. As the Americans converged on Manila from different directions, they found that most of the Imperial Japanese Army troops defending the city had been withdrawn to Baguio City, on the orders of General Tomoyuki Yamashita, commander in chief of Japanese Army forces in the Philippines. He had three main groups under his command: 80,000 men of the Shimbu Group in the mountains east of Manila, 30,000 of the Kembu Group in the hills north of Manila, and 152,000 in the Shobu Group in northeastern Luzon. Since 4 January 1942, a total of thirty-seven months, the university’s main building had been used to hold civilians.Japanese forces committed mass murder against Filipino civilians during the battle. Walter Krueger waded ashore at Lingayen Gulf and began a rapid drive south in the Battle of Luzon. and defend a large area with vast tracts of flammable wooden buildings. Yamashita had originally ordered the commander of Shimbu Group, Gen. Mudge pushed into the northern outskirts of Manila and seized a vital bridge across the Tullahan River, which separated them from the city proper, and quickly captured Malacanang Palace. Out of 4,255 prisoners, 466 died in captivity, three were killed while attempting to escape on 15 February 1942, and one made a successful breakout in early January 1945. Manuel Colayco, a USAFFE guerrilla officer, became an allied casualty of the city's liberation, after he and his companion, Lt.The Japanese added to the destruction by demolishing buildings and military installations as they withdrew.Japanese resistance in Tondo and Malabon continued until 9 February Iwabuchi's sailors, marines, and Army reinforcements, having initially had some success resisting American infantrymen armed with flamethrowers, grenades and bazookas, soon faced direct fire from tanks, tank destroyers, and howitzers, which blasted holes in one building after another, often killing both Japanese and civilians trapped inside, without differentiation.Philippines Addicts forum offers the latest news, links, reviews, real time advice, Philippines hotel information, bar experiences, gogo bar and nightlife information.

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