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If Alma the younger never felt the pains of hell, and was racked with the eternal torment in remembrance of all his sins, do you think he would have had such a great change of heart?

The victim attempted an LDS mission after the abuse had taken place, but Weiland said because the lifestyle didn't coincide with what he was taught by Nelson, he "had a breakdown" and started drinking again and was sent home from the mission early."(The victim) is a shell of the man he could be," Weiland said. The defendant groomed him and sexually abused him, and now he considers himself worthless."In court, Nelson apologized for the crimes."I'm just ready to have this over with," Nelson said.Melissa reflects on the experience of being Asian in the LDS Church along with other...Low retention and a failure to contextualize means that the LDS Church continues to be a minority faith tradition in South American.We also discuss how enmeshed LDS excommunication is with the US judicial system.Amiee Flynn-Curran is a non-Mormon ethnographer who did her Ph D fieldwork in the Oakland First Ward of the San Francisco Bay Area.Amiee’s was interested in finding out how a conservative Christian church community negotiates the question of gender...