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“Activities like this are positive because they bring people together and counter the impact of social media, which distances people from each other.” “At one stage my party – the PUK – was opposed to tribal festivals like the one held by the Jaf tribe,” Hamid Haji Ghali, a senior member of the PUK, said.“We were worried the tribe might start their own political party.The parties solve the tribes’ problems and look out for their daughters’ and sons’ interests.The personal and social relationships that are part of the tribal system are both used by the political parties and built upon by them.” And if something drastic happens – such as the death of a tribe member, while fighting under the banner of a certain political party – then the tribe and the political party are eternally linked, Rishawi continues.“But they can’t rely on those connections because the tribes are not an officially organized force.And the tribes want to preserve their heritage and community rather than put on a show of force,” Ghali suggested. The tribes putting on these large events say they’re doing it all “in good faith”, but other Iraqi Kurdish groups see the large gatherings as dangerous, a way for tribes to assert their dominance and their customs.But the tribe has changed its position and the PUK realises there is no danger [of competition].So we help the Jaf tribe organize their festival, in order to revive and preserve tribal heritage.” Of course, political parties benefit from their tribal alliances during an election, Ghali agreed.

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Political parties such as the Political Union of Kurdistan, or PUK, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, or KDP, curried favour with tribal leaders in order to get the votes of their tribe members.This means that the tribes become more powerful and overrule what local courts may decide.” Shokhan then told NIQASH about a murder case she had been working on for the past few months.“But before we got to court, the case was resolved.Given the current unstable situation in Iraqi Kurdistan, in terms of both security and politics, tribal laws and powers are once again a focus – although this time, not always under the auspices of a political party.Locals have started commenting upon this, seeing recent tribal gatherings as an opportunity for the tribes to display their power and numbers.The festival run by the Jaf tribe is well known already.