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Her problem is, should she keep hooking up with her ex? Guess Kinsey's promoting worked a little too much! Plus, J-Si finally received his new jersey but we can't tell... And another Kidd Nation member called up to say that her dog is getting trained to be a service dog and help others! And coming up on the show tomorrow, we will talk about whatever you want, hear K ...…It's a very sad day for Lacey. Kris Jenner talks about why her family will continue to do their reality show...

There is some drama going on in the carpool line at schools, and we have been following it on social media! Something that she loves died, and her husband is crazy if he thinks that she can live without one... And today is National Saxophone Day so we honor our fav sax player and discuss the different instruments we have played. You gotta have the show to announce all of those pregnancies, right? And Michelle Pfeiffer talks about getting a shout-out in Uptown Funk.

But in downtown Dallas, Alaric Mack, 50, known to listeners of the By a.m., Mack’s in his summer uniform of knee-length shorts and beach sandals and parking his black pickup in Las Colinas.

There, he navigates a maze of windowless halls toward the studio and the daily convocation of the survivors.

Jason Segel is writing books for young adults, but he doesn't know if he's 'cool' enough to do it.

Did you know that Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel are in a feud? And Kim Cattrall speaks out about her infamous Sex In The City beef!

After Kraddick died, Chavez continued to call his phone and listen to “Hey, it’s Kidd, leave a message,” until the number was disconnected.

“I drown myself in thoughts of Kidd when I hear his voice,” he says.

After some nudging, we finally got everything out on the table on the results were...

but it's something that he bought for someone else. One celeb beat everyone else to the punch by posting her own nudes before they got leaked. More people are coming out with accusations against Kevin Spacey. So many old shows are coming back but not The Office!

And Jimmy Fallon talks about his friend Justin Timberlake doing the Super Bowl halftime show! And Zyan Malik breaks our hearts by confessing that he doesn't talk to his former band mates anymore.

He wanted her back and she said we can't get back together without a committment..bam! Really, listen to the clip though because it's nice.

Adam Levine talks about his bet with Blake Shelton.