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As his mom went into the master bathroom Bobby followed her inside. Bobby's heart was racing so fast he could hardly answer.

Cocking one leg out in front of her, bent slightly at the knee, with her sexy foot arched, her cute little toes squatting against the floor, Linda fed her son a naughty smile. "You might as well have'll be fishing them out of my laundry hamper anyway." She grinned. As soon as Linda turned towards the bath Bobby lifted the panties to his nose.

His dad continued downstairs but Linda stepped into Bobby's bedroom. I certainly hope you plan on cleaning today." She said. I'm gonna need all my panties back in my hamper before you leave okay, sweetie." She said. "Bobby." She said, again not angrily and with a hint of amusement. Oh my God this semen is still warm..there's so much of it. "Yeah, well I'm not "some girl," I'm your mother and I certainly don't need the taste of your sperm on my tongue when I kiss your father goodbye this morning." She said. Linda would grasp his rod and feed the engorged knob into the mouth of her gaping twat.

Bobby took a second to answer as his eyes traveled up and down his mom's body. "You look really nice today by the way." Bobby said. And as they disappearing into the cloud Bobby's shaft would sink down inside his mother's soft secret hole..the way to the balls.

Don't need any nasty phone calls from any of the neighborhood moms. The bell went off and he realized he was late for class, but he didn't care. Bobby's heart was pounding in his chest with excitement as he pulled at his cock through his shorts with his free hand.

Oh my God I can't believe I'm about to let my son watch me take a bath.

There was a cute innocent little mommy-smile on her face. Her legs were kicked up playfully and her sexy tan feet were flexed, toes pointing upward. Thought maybe you might wanna come in a keep me company." She said.

Below the picture was written: "FOR YOUR FRIENDS" WOW! Linda looked around the room as she thought about her next picture. Below this picture was written: "FOR YOU ONLY." OH MY GOD-DAMN!!! Bobby groaned a second time..hands shaking as he about blew his nuts. Linda strode over and closed the bedroom shades as Bobby stood there awkwardly waiting, the click of her high-heeled sandals and the hypnotic sway of his mother's buttocks captured his attention. Just act normal..if he's watching you bake cookies. "Two weeks so far." Bobby said, watching the bra-clad breasts emerge from the parting top. Like an excited puppy-dog Bobby followed his mom into her room. This has nothing to do with his big penis...absolutely nothing. Want me to order you some pizza or something sweetie? After turning on the water in the tub Linda went back over, closed the bathroom door behind them and locked it. "Uh...getting better I guess." He muttered as he sat on the bathroom floor and leaned back against the wall. " She asked as she slipped her little feet from the sandals and began to unbutton her sweater. Look at all that fucking breast-meat just oozing out the top. Recent Searches: » Indian Upskirt » Indian Teen » Indian Seal » Bollywood » Indian Boy With Mature » Muslim Girl » My Bf » Mom » Egg » Slipping » Hot Kiss » Indian Full Movie » Movie » Hindi Audio Full » Indian School » Indian School Girl » Ffm Anal » Youtube » Indian Aunty » Indian Chachi » Indian Real Sister » Indian Sister » Indian Mom » Priya Anjali Rai » Hindi » Indian Facial » Indian Beauty » Xxx » Indian Bhabhi » Indian Hide » Bollywood Celebrities » Celebrities » Bengali » Aunty » Indian Nice Boob » Indian Mom And Son » Bollywood Actress » Tamil » Bhabhi » Infront Of Husband » Indian Aunties » Desi Handjob » Swathi » Bath » Small » Arabic Sex » Arabian Sex » Boy » World Big Fat » Audio Hindi Sex » Indian Only » Indian Vintage » Indian Auntys » Babhi » Desi Masala » Indian Babhi » Indian Hand Job » Indian Mom Son » Desi Maids » Indian Gang Bang » Indian Three Some » Tit Fuck » Home Made » Indian Telugu Auntys » Mallu » Fucking Sceen » Hindi Audio » Boudi » Bhabi » Erotic Cuckold » Indian Brother And Sister » Brother And Sister » Sister » Fingered » Teen Indian » Indian Beauti » Bhabhi Devar » Cum In Mouth Wife » Very Small Baby » Indian Cumshot » Desi Couple » Bangladesi » Arabian » Story » Marathi » Innocent Mom » Hot Mom » Wife Threesome » Bhabhi Kissing » Biwi » Desi Peeping » Indian Toilet » Outdoor Bath » Out Bath » Open Bath » Open Bathing » Indian Homemade Sex Videos » Andhra Auntys » Indian Ass Fucked » Indian Horny Kristine Adores George's Firm Touch And As He Opens Her Up We See Her Already Soaking Wet For Him, A Magnificent Sight For All!i found this story in another forum and had to post it. Mother/son "Morning slugger." Linda said as she passed her son in the hallway. " She said, squeezing her cheeks of her buttocks together and smothering his rod. As Linda turned slightly towards him with her arm on his shoulder Bobby could stare straight into the swell of her enormous breasts. These girls are much more likely to fuck like animals, suck cock, swap cum and have all their tight holes filled when they think no one is watching.