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This series of adventures, like Series 1, is set between seasons 14 and 15 of the classic series, and, like Series 1, features Jameson reprising her role as Leela.

If K-9's considerable abilities should fail, he can always try leaking lubricant on his opponents as a last-ditch effort—it might cause them to rust.Multiple officers arrived on the scene and requested backup, yelling as they allege White reaches for one of their weapons.While guarding a weapons facility, several Maximals under K-9's command revealed themselves as Predacon agents and tried to take the place over.Built to serve as guardians to the heavily fortified Promethean Complexes this up armoured and more heavily armed version of the K9 sacrifices speed for armour and boasts a Gatling gun as well as the standard issue steel jaws.A pack of these beasts is more than a match for even a hardened unit of men with the weight of fire they can lay down.Created as guard dogs and sentries during the early days of Payson’s growth from small town to impregnable fortress city, the K9 automata are unusual in that they were and still are entirely mechanical.