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Barthel may have become a stronger vocalist and songs like "You Don't Get Me High Anymore" show off her range from a sultry whisper to a wall-shaking scream, but her efforts are mostly wasted by the nondescript songs and production.At least the songs she sings have the benefit of her voice; the few songs where Carter takes the lead are even less distinctive.Their debut album was entitled Eyelid Movies, and as Phantogram's Josh Carter tells it, the band's songwriting method takes a filmic approach."We get together and visualize a short movie or something like that, and rap back and forth about what's going on and how the music would sound under X circumstance," Carter says.

" to which Carter responded with, "Aerosmith." Looch believed him for a second.But with successful headphone records come freedom and upgrades.Barthel and Carter's label, Republic Records under Universal Music Group, told the band to write as they please and the live show setup would be assembled after the fact.Now they are all set on the popular front, but much less so on the good or compelling side.There'a a reason why Phantogram have visited The Current studios four times. Take two artists with distinct styles, throw them into a studio, and hope that magic happens.