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In spite of the inherent dance themes in the film The Red Shoes, there have been few dance or theatre versions among them except for a full-length ballet choreographed by Simon Dow for the West Australian Ballet, and the Broadway musical version – from which the stand alone Red Shoes Ballet, choreographed by Lar Lubovitch, was danced by American Ballet Theatre.Matthew Bourne’s source material is the film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger -- and the incorporation of Hans Christian Andersen fairytale – employing music by Bernard Herrmann, the legendary composer of many Hollywood film scores – orchestrated by Terry Davies. Conventional versus lattice photocatalysed reactions: Implications of the lattice oxygen participation in the liquid phase photocatalytic oxidation with nanostructured Zn O thin films on reaction products and mechanism at both 254nm and 340nm. Critical evaluation of methodology commonly used in sample collection, storage and preparation for the analysis of pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in surface water and wastewater by solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Multi-residue determination of the sorption of illicit drugs and pharmaceuticals to wastewater suspended particulate matter using pressurised liquid extraction, solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry. Bath Breakfast Project (BBP) - Examining the Role of Extended Daily Fasting in Human Energy Balance and Associated Health Outcomes: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN31521726]. An experimental and modelling investigation of the effect of the flow regime on the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue on a thin film coated ultraviolet irradiated spinning disc reactor. Corrigendum to "The effects of vaccine timing on the efficacy of an acute eccentric exercise intervention on the immune response to an influenza vaccine in young adults" [Brain Behav.

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Directed by Canadian Aaron Watkin since 2006, the Dresden Semperoper Ballett is based in Dresden, Germany, and comprises more than 60 dancers and performs a varied repertoire.

The score is an amalgam of music from such famous film scores as Citizen Kane, The Ghost and Mrs. Similar in structure to the film version Bourne presents The Red Shoes as a ballet within a ballet.

Setting the scene in the late 1940’s, austere times in post World War II Britain, and focusing on a touring dance company and its backstage dramas.

Also an American premiere, Vertigo Maze, was created by Belgian choreographer Stijn Celis, and was choreographed to silent moments and Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chaconne For Solo Violin and Four Voices.

Celis’ style is contemporary and modern dance, and his response to Bach’s music was represented in constant movement.