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Therefore, the position must be periodically corrected by input from some other type of navigation system.

The inaccuracy of a good-quality navigational system is normally less than 0.6 nautical miles per hour Accordingly, inertial navigation is usually used to supplement other navigation systems, providing a higher degree of accuracy than is possible with the use of any single system.

the Honeywell Lase Ref V inertial navigation systems uses GPS and air data computer outputs to maintain required navigation performance.

The navigation error rises with the lower sensitivity of the sensors used.

All inertial navigation systems suffer from integration drift: small errors in the measurement of acceleration and angular velocity are integrated into progressively larger errors in velocity, which are compounded into still greater errors in position.

Since the new position is calculated from the previous calculated position and the measured acceleration and angular velocity, these errors accumulate roughly proportionally to the time since the initial position was input.

However, their cost and complexity place constraints on the environments in which they are practical for use.

One of the most common alternative sensors is a satellite navigation radio such as GPS, which can be used for all kinds of vehicles with direct sky visibility.

Indoor applications can use pedometers, distance measurement equipment, or other kinds of position sensors.

It does this by measuring the linear acceleration and angular velocity applied to the system.

Since it requires no external reference (after initialization), it is immune to jamming and deception.