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As she eases into her last position, she hears a strange noise from Danny.

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Quite the contrary—they are symptoms of our inclination to play it safe.Promiscuity, on the other hand, demands a certain amount of nerve.Perhaps history will prove that we are a buffer generation, standing by silently while our children, brought up by demand-feeding and demand-everything, kick over the traces and do startling things, with none of our predilection for playing it safe.Or parents kicked over so many traces that there are practically none left for us.

He wants it all understood, with the lady reasonably willing, if possible.It is so easy to become tied up with old Joe, even though he is rather a bore, and avoid those nightmarish Saturday nights home with the girls.But the trouble is, once the relationship with Joe has become an established thing, getting out of it again (when Joe's conversation begins to have the stimulating effect of a dose of Seconal) is about as easy as climbing out of a mud swamp. A friend of mine, trying to rid herself of such a relationship, told me she felt bad about "flushing" old Joe, since he was really such a nice person.These are interesting observations because they contradict each other.The phenomena of pinning, going steady, and being monogamous-minded do not suggest sexual promiscuity.In our complicated world, any simplification of the events around us is welcome and, in fact, almost necessary.