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Eventually, you can teach each other few languages you speak your own.Haven't seen that movie perhaps I will watch it sometime.Do we really need WORDS to fall in love with someone?Have you ever felt a connection with someone that strong - even though there's such a communication barrier between you two?

I've seen a few parts of that movie, but not the whole thing. If it's really the one, then I don't think we really words to express i believe that can happen yes^^ and i know the movie you are talking about^^ i watched it too and his european maid is portuguese like me ahah he says venho pedir as maos de su filha (venho pedir a mão da sua filha in correct portuguese) ahah bcs is a bit hard for him that means i come ask you permission to marry your daughter^^ and yes is too romantic really that he tried to learn her language to be with her^^ too cute^^ and yes i guess that sometimes only a smile or a cute gesture can make us fall^^ and words doesnt matter^^ love is beyond words and beyond everything ahah^^ I think I never go with a person on date whose language I don’t know.Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day.And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love." One of the central tenets of Sikhism is compassion: an emphasis on overlooking others' imperfections and helping to relieve their sorrows.And by this, I am not asking if you are for or against interracial dating, I am asking you this: if someone LITERALLY did not know your language - and you did not know theirs - is it possible to start a relationship?I watched Love, Actually a couple of days ago and this question has been bugging me since.As Father Zossima in Dostoevsky's classic puts it, we should "Love all...creation....