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Later in that century, car mechanic Charles Fey of San Francisco created a five cent game with three spinning reels and five symbols: the Liberty Bell.

This paid cash prizes and the icons used were diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes, and the jackpot Liberty Bell (hence the name) that paid out at 50 cents. The original Liberty Bell symbols were replaced with fruit designs, and in some parts of the world the machine became known as a ‘fruit machine’.

Whether you decide to play Online Slots or Video Slots, the overall idea and format is the same.

You set your coin level using the and – or arrow buttons, activate the number of paylines you wish to play (remember, one coin per payline) and hit Spin.

Watch the game play out – whether it’s spinning reels, cascading reels or spinning icons – and wait to see what lands on your activated paylines.

Our software highlights any winnings and your payouts are automatically added to your bankroll.

Whether you’re paying traditional Slots online or Video Slots, there is some basic strategy available that you can use to help inform your game and avoid basic mistakes. When you play Slots at Canada, you need to understand the functionality and games buttons to get the most from your game.

Historically, slot machines used revolving mechanical reels and three reels were the norm; this meant fewer opportunities to win and much lower odds of winning than you enjoy today.

When five reels came into play, the odds of winning went up, but the physical machines could be manipulated in many ways and so players didn’t always receive a fair game.

Payouts were small and payout timings could be guessed, so players that knew the system could take advantage.

It all began in 19th century New York when Sittman and Pitt invented a gambling drum made up of a lever and 50 card faces, with payouts based on poker hands.

Players would pay one nickel for a tug at the lever to spin the drum.