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Foe what it’s worth, the app requires the user to pay in order to connect with a probable match.

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Click on the globe that shows your notifications in the top bar of Facebook and click "Settings" in the top right corner of the drop-down.

When you click on it, hit "friends." Make sure to do this for each picture, cover photos included. You will be taken to a new folder filled with all the spam emails that you probably never wanted to see anyway β€” seriously, half of them are from creepers."Security Settings" tells you where you're logged in, when you logged in, and gives you the ability to "End activity," so no one can hack your profile.Go to "Settings" and then scroll down the left column to "Security." Click on "Where You're Logged In" and then end activity on ~mysterious~ devices.Click "unfollow" to ensure that this person's posts won't pop up on your Newsfeed, but you'll still have full access for the occasional stalk sesh.When you log into Facebook on your friend's devices or a public computer, it's easy to forget to log out again.Under the "Timeline and Tagging" section in the sidebar, go to "Who can add things to my timeline?