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Physical intimacy is a delicate topic in everyday life.

Hasidic dating

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” “Is anyone in The local council of Beit El has come up with an original way to deal with the bachelorhood issue in the community: The council has begun employing matchmakers to help single women start a family in Israel. If this is difficult in many situations, it is much more so when it comes to choosing a spouse.

The initiative was launched following the rise in the number of unmarried women aged 23 to 30. “Well, I was set up with this girl, and I think that I’m going to fall for her.” “That’s great. The question is: what is the correct approach when dating?

Adultery is illegal under Jewish law, and offenders are banished from their communities, so James and Monica have to be very careful with their extramarital adventures.

By day, they wear the traditional clothing associated with Hasidic communities - James in a black overcoat and Monica in a floor-length skirt and wig - and look after their brood of children ranging in age from three to 18 years old.

“If I could work magic in your dating life,” Israel Irenstein says, “what would you have me change?

When the couple find a match on Tinder, they usually open with 'Hi beautiful', before starting a conversation and sharing their phone number.

They often grab dinner with a potential suitor before moving into anything sexual.'Sometimes we're both interested in someone, or sometimes just one of us is,' Monica told the Post.

Despite not having 'butterflies-in-your-stomach love', they developed chemistry in bed, and have since encouraged each other to look for love affairs elsewhere. Like all other families in their community, James and Monica observe the Sabbath, take their children to temple and yeshiva and only speak Yiddish in their house and around other community members.

The couple keep kosher and they pray and sing the Torah before meals.