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Headquartered in New York City, Meetup is all about building offline community in a digital world.The site launched after 9/11, when New Yorkers were coming together on the ground for solace and mutual support; Meetup’s founders saw a need – an an opportunity – for a site that would let people create groups and find one another around shared interests or concerns.It’s a little like a dating site, except that instead of looking for your perfect mate, you’re looking for your perfect community.While joining a group on Meetup is free, the site makes money by charging group organizers a nominal fee – currently to per month, depending on the payment plan.Members can start or find groups in their area that match their interests – from politics or the arts, to urban adventures, crafting and writing.There are even groups for seniors, but it turns out that one of Meetup’s strengths is its easy intergenerational mix.Tournament will be shortened to two weeks (two scores added together) and contests will be held on the tournament days.The tournament will be played in late September or early October, after aeration. Maximum handicap for any golfer playing in the championship rounds will be a 40.2, in accordance with USGA.

Woods's image as a squeaky clean family man and father of two started to unravel 10 days ago after he crashed his car suspiciously outside his home.Thank you to Kathi Pierce, Ingrid Tomasek and Judy Erickson for a wonderful luncheon! The luncheon was well attended, door prizes were abundant (thanks to all who solicited donations) and 16 people played golf afterwards on the beautiful Mount Vernon Country Club Course. Congratulations to all who received awards and recognition at the luncheon; click here to see the list.Scores for all players in the championship are now posted on the Schedule & Results page for September 28 (date of the final round).In her Aging With Geekitude series, self-professed “recovering technophobe” Erica Manfred writes about her adventures with technology and shares what she’s learned as she navigates the not-so-scary waters.Everyone has been telling me how brave I am to rent a place in South Florida all by myself for three months this winter despite knowing nary a soul.Jaimee Grubbs, a Los Angeles cocktail waitress, backed up her claims of an affair with email and text message exchanges as well as a damning message which Woods left on her phone.