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The Chateau is one of Jenner’s regular destinations, perhaps because it’s among the few places she can go and be left alone.Sitting on a hill overlooking West Hollywood, it resembles a white castle, with secret entrances and exits perfect for Hollywood stars. An exclusive celebrity hideout isn’t a regular environment for most 19-year-olds, but Jenner can’t exactly go to the Grove unnoticed.“I still try to do everything that I really want to, like go to the mall,” she says in her gentle voice. She’ll do what she wants to do no matter what.” But Jenner only shows small glimpses of “Kylie” to the public. In a episode this past June titled “Fake It ’Til You Make It,” Kylie, Kendall, and Khloé disguise themselves with prosthetics in order to experience a “regular” day as “regular” people.“But once I get there it’s not a fun experience anymore.” Jenner has built her fame on sharing her life on Instagram and Snapchat, but she’s also careful to keep big parts of it secret. They take a Hollywood celebrity tour but their cover is blown by paparazzi.In person, Jenner looks much shorter, but just as alluring.

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“When I was younger, I used to think about my sister’s name, Kim,” Jenner says.Jenner is constantly watched by millions of people on Instagram, Snapchat, reality TV, and every other media platform you can name—and right now she can’t help but watch herself either.There is, however, one condition attached to her decision: some privacy.“I don’t sit around and stare at my cars and Snapchat them,” she says. “It was really fun, but I don’t think we got to fully live it out,” Jenner says. I didn’t know who I was a year ago, and I still don’t know exactly who I am now.“That’s what people think I do, but there’s a big part of my life that I don’t like to show. “I wish we got to go to Six Flags or somewhere really public and see what that was like.” Jenner is quick to note that “fame isn’t bad,” but growing up in the spotlight is challenging. You’re trying to grow up and make mistakes and everybody’s watching.” When Jenner was in her mid-teens, she shared parts of her life on Keek, a free online social networking service that allows users to share short videos. “I showed everyone my funny and crazy side.” Her clips included filming make-believe fight scenes, making silly faces and voices at the camera, and singing, karaoke-style, Kanye West’s “Blood on the Leaves” in a public bathroom.Her romantic relationships are fodder for tabloids. I’ve been famous for what feels like my whole life.