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Has been running for more than 10 years and has become an important fixture on the social calendar. Located on the beautiful Gower penninsular, WZSC is a great weekend of surf, laughs, camping and women.

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They found German men said they had sex with an average of 10 people.German women, meanwhile, said they had sex with five people.BERLIN, Germany — Flashbulbs light up for a gay porn star hawking DVDs as Julius Dreyer blithely threads his way through booths touting everything from dildos and depilatory cream to accounting services (“Sex and Tax? Taking part in the world's largest trade show for “erotic lifestyles” is old hat for this young entrepreneur, who’s been in the adult industry practically as long as he's been an adult.But his latest venture may be the most controversial here.Prostitutes can rate their customers, helping create virtual identities with histories that promise to reduce the risk of meeting strangers for sex while retaining the anonymity that's essential to the business. “We want to bring a level of safety and transparency into this whole thing,” Dreyer says.

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However, sex workers and their advocates say measures such as the introduction of ID cards for prostitutes would be counterproductive.Other features promise to make potentially dangerous interactions safer.Sex workers and customers can identify themselves as “safe-sex only” users, which has reduced an industry-wide problem of condomless oral sex, according to online feedback.More than half of Kaufmich's users have opted for the safe sex badge.An e Bay-style ratings system also rewards cleanliness and better customer service.“We believe that all kinds of problems arise from sex workers being isolated and judged [by others].” Slim with tidy, close-cropped hair, Dreyer founded Germany's most popular hookup site,, before he turned 21. With free sex apps such as Grindr and Tinder gaining acceptance and brick-and-mortar “swingers' clubs” practically mainstream here, — which translates as “Buy” — may face an uphill battle.