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Kids are kids, and their expected reaction to the news that pissing in the pool would produce bright purple or red trails would be to jump right in with the intent of putting that theory to the test.Especially in a public pool where one’s indiscretions can be blamed on the fellow swimming by, what kid wouldn’t avail himself of the naughty pleasure of invoking billowing clouds of dye?But by night she is the front woman for four bands, the host of several different open-mic nights in the area, a children’s guitar instructor, the organizer of the Zombie festival in Rosendale, the music-booking agent for Cab’s in New Paltz, and can even be found on the pages of Ulster magazine.It’s a long list of responsibilities, but as Hope puts it, “I don’t like to be bored.” One other thing that she does is probably the most important, and meaningful.

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It’s not a compound anyone appears to be working on either, and with good reason: who’d want it?

Dressing up, making money and music videos help, too, but who can tell what is next for her? They share percussion duties with their fast feet and live by the motto “If you can’t do it, kazoo it!

After being asked if she was only in two bands she responded, “maybe three or four in the next few minutes. ” Their powerful voices intertwine, harmonize and amaze.

I was told the horrible embarrassment of being “discovered” peeing in the water had happened to a FOAF only “last week.” I never tried it out, obviously. Those in the pool supply business are routinely confronted with requests for the “urine-indicator dye” (as the mythical substance has come to be known).

The belief in such a chemical spans many countries, as does the juvenile certainty particular pools are spiked with it.