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I have been researching the history of Spiritual Christians from Russia, my heritage, since entering college in the 1960s.
Članovi benda već su stigli u Beograd i koriste svo svoje slobodno vreme da bolje upoznaju ovaj grad, u kojem nikada ranije nisu nastupili, a u kojem, sudeći po interesovanju, imaju jako lepu bazu fanova.“Nismo još stigli da vidimo sve što nas zanima, ali prijatno nam je ovde” kažu ovi momci i dodaju da će iskoristiti prvu priliku da siđu do beogradskih reka.

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The Bob Rivers Show ran on KJR-FM from April 1, 2011 to August 8, 2014, ending on the twenty-five year anniversary of Bob's first day on air in Seattle.The Bob Rivers Show cast at 95.7 FM included Spike O'Neill, a married couple who also contributed news and jokes on air.Rivers's show left KZOK when he could not reach a contract deal with CBS, the owner of the station.During December 2010, when the show members sat out their non-compete period from KZOK, Bob and his wife Lisa traveled to Bangladesh, where they spent the holiday helping to build schools for the poor in Dhaka.

(Rivers credits director Arik Korman for "getting me started" with World Vision.

For example, when Kim as Scarlett exclaimed, "Rhett! " Spike as Rhett replied, not the film's actual line, "I'm going back to Charleston, back where I belong," but: "I'm going to Rick's on Federal Way!

Where I belong." (Rick's was a strip club.) When contestant Robert played Rhett and delivered the line, "Here, take my handkerchief," Spike as Scarlett used the handkerchief in a noisy and unladylike way.

He went public with their insult and at that point they took him off the air for the rest of his term. When he left, he thought enough of me to ask me to join him." Arriving at Active Rock radio station KISW-FM in Seattle in 1989, Rivers debuted a morning show with fellow radio host Sean Donahue, also from Baltimore. Rivers brought Spike O'Neill with him; Spike served as sportscaster, writer, and impressionist.

They spent "six weeks of 14-hour days doing production and brainstorming and writing" before their first show on air.