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Re-attach the rubber oil line to the cam gear case with a new worm clamp prior to installing the case. Insure all bolts are tightened to the proper torque spec.

Note: Blue 'Loctite' was also used on the rocker arm bolts even though not specified in the Service Manual.

You will note that it will not come completely off because the foot peg / foot brake pedal attachment support (its painted black) will interfere with the case.

Loosen the 2 large hex head bolts that attach this support. Loosening will allow the support to move outward far enough so the cam gear case can then be removed.

There will be no side-to-side or up-down play in the case.

Once the cases bushings are clear of the bushings on each cam, the case can be slightly rotated out of position.

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Remove the plastic crankcase breather from the already removed lower rocker cover. Once the breather is removed, the rubber upper rocker cover gasket can be removed and discarded.You will need to remove a rubber oil line that attaches to the rear area of the case before the case can be completely removed (see picture below). ________________________________________________ Removing the Cams: Place the transmission in 5th gear.Since the clamp holding this oil line cannot be reused, you will need to purchase a new hose clamp when the case is re-installed. Rotate the engine by turning the rear wheel so that all cams are lined up as shown in the diagram below.XLF Portal Forums Sportster Encylopedia XLF Angel Riders Memorial XLF Social Groups XLF Blogs XL Shout-Chat XL Arcade XL Downloads XL Links XL Photo Gallery XL Member List Contact Admin Recommend Us The CYA Legal Stuff (PLEASE READ) done on an 883 engine, however, the procedures may be the same. Cam ID numbers are different as per the Service Manual.Parts and Supplies List: SE Cam Set, (04-05 specific) P/N 25197-04 1 ea Gasket, Cam Gearcase Cover P/N 25263-90D 1 ea Gasket, Upper Rocker Cover P/N 17353-89A 2 ea Gasket, Lower Rocker Cover (Metal) P/N 16800-84 2 ea Gasket, Center Rocker Box P/N 17358-84A 2 ea Fiber Seal, Upper Rocker Cover Screws P/N 63858-49 8 ea Anti-seize compound, blue 'Loctite', couple cans of spray brake cleaner, paper towels and shop rags _______________________________________________ Removing Seat, Fuel Tank, Air Cleaner, Spark Plugs and Coil Remove the single screw at the back of the seat.Note: The cases bushing alignment with the camshafts has a VERY close tolerance.