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Neither that video nor the fact the officer struck Jeter’s SUV with his patrol car was ever mentioned in any police report of the incident. ” one officer yells as he uses a baton to smash the driver’s side window. ” Jeter says he was scared he’d be shot if he exited the car. Just put your hands behind your back, a--hole,” one officer yells. The officers continue to berate Jeter as he pleads with them several times, saying “I did nothing wrong!Instead, he says — and the video supports this claim — he sat where he was with his hands in the air as the officers broke the window, unlocked his door and worked to get his seatbelt off to arrest him. ’” “As soon as he say that, I’m thinking something’s going to go wrong.” In the video, the officers rip the innocent man from his car and throw him on the ground, working to get his hands behind his back. “I’ve done nothing wrong,” a muffled Jeter can be heard saying as his face is smashed into the cement. ” The officers pin him up against the patrol car before starting to read his Miranda rights.One is holding a pistol at the man while a second holds a shotgun at his side.A second tape, of a backup officer responding from the other side of the highway, shows the patrol car swerve across oncoming traffic and running into the front of Jeter’s SUV, causing him to hit his head on the steering wheel.

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Two officers jump out of the patrol car and order Jeter out of the car at gunpoint.

“The next thing I know, as he’s coming around the car, the glass gets busted and all the glass goes in my face,” Jeter told WABC. As soon as he opens the door, one of the officers just reached in and punched me in the face. As they throw Jeter in the back of the car, another officer takes a swing at his head.

As he’s trying to take my seatbelt off, he’s elbowing me in my jaw. “I was going to be doing jail,” Jeter told WABC of his June 2012 arrest.

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