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Ninety-three percent of those surveyed would be "happy" if they received a text message with proper punctuation at the end of each sentence, rather than seeing it as aggressive or overly formal, as one recent study found. "But if you nit-pick about things like periods and exclamation points, you'll stay single until you're 105 years old.

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Biblical Conspiracies 1: Secrets of The Sculpture The Discovery Channel UK, 25 January 2015 Originally shown on The Science Channel (US) Directed by Graeme Ball Executive Producer Simcha Jacobovici Narrated by Ron White Science Channel and Vision TV/Zoomer Media/AP Codebreakers Productions Ltd Featured Dr Loredana Di Marzio, Roy Doliner, Professor William E.

Wallace, Dr Francesco Stante, Tomaso Emaldi, Dr Lisa Hillier, Roberto Saponelli, Dr Cinzia Chiari, Professor Paul Gwynne, Margaret Starbird, Silvano Vinceti * Michelangelo hid a dangerous secret about Jesus Christ, embedded within his works of art * Based on the book by Benjamin Blech & Roy Doliner, The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelo's Forbidden Messages In The Heart of The Vatican (foreword by Enrico Bruschini, Harper Collins, 2008) America Unearthed: The Templars' Deadliest Secret.

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Another ossuary contained a Greek inscription that was translated as either God Jehovah Raise Up! Scott Goldie Narrated by Robert Clotworthy Prometheus Entertainment For H2 Network A&E Television Networks, LLC Featured Michael Dennin (Physicist), Jonathan Young (Joseph Campbell Archives), Betty Ann Brown (Professor of Art History), Martin Kemp (Professor, History of Art), Godfrey Harris, Sean-David Morton, William Wallace (Professor, Art History), Philip Coppens, Sean Roberts (Professor, Art History), Giorgio A.

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(Season 1, Episode 1) Discovery Channel/Karga 7 Pictures, Inc, 19 April 2012 Executive Producer Jeanne C. Tabor (University of North Carolina), Marcus Borg (Oregon State University), Yardenna Alexandre (Israel Antiquities Authority), Eric Meyers (Duke University, Durham, North Carolina), Joseph Raymond (author, Herodian Messiah: Case For Jesus As Grandson of Herod), Shimon Gibson (University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem), Holger Kersten (author, Jesus Lived In India: His Unknown Life Before and After the Crucifixion) * Placing the existence of Jesus Christ within the historical context of the Roman occupation of Judaea and its relationship to Apocalyptic theology assuming Qumran was inhabited by the Essenes and that the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in nearby caves in 1947 were written by the Essenes and that John the Baptist could have been an Essene The Resurrection Tomb Mystery, 12 April 2012 Discovery Channel (Talpiot Productions Ltd/Associated Producers Ltd) Written and Directed by Simcha Jacobovici Narrated by Ron White In Memory of Revital Antman Raz, 1965-2011 Featured Professor James D.

Tabor, Simcha Jacobovici, Felix Golubev, Professor Rami Arav, Walter Klassen, Professor Robin Jensen, Bill Tarant, Dr James Charlesworth * Documentary examined another first century Talpiot Tomb discovered in 1981, using maneuverable robotic arms holding cameras. It was claimed Talpiot was an estate that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea.