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"This is millions of acres up here and you don't camp next to each other." Booth and Martinez later discovered that Janice had been to the mountain just a few weeks before on a separate hunting trip without her husband.

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Her first work was a one act play about the dangers of letting dogs off their leashes, written when she was seven.Since then she’s worked as a waitress, fundraiser, and freelance writer.

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Camille and Ethan are kindred spirits: busy professionals with no time for the demands of typical relationships. ”“I asked if you wanted to get some coffee and dessert somewhere else after dinner. This wasn't a bad book despite some of the complaints I had. I didn't think I would though because the first 5 chapters were pretty average.

Whoever the author hired to read her books before they go "live" needs to be fired.

This is an example of just one of the many, many, many mistakes too.

Cooper’s publisher husband, Leo, died in 2013 aged 79, but the 80-year-old said she was not looking to meet anyone new.

She said: ‘I think I am a bit old to subject myself to somebody, quite honestly.’ And she joked she would have to ‘take my teeth out at night and that wouldn’t be much fun for anyone.’ What we really want to know is what has Jilly put in her bio?