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At the same time, the state repressed independent feminist organizations, leaving a dearth of female political representation.The economic liberalization plan of the Sadat regime would result in the collapse of this system and the resurgence of Islamist-influenced policy.Either through political and/or religious power, some women managed to become, de facto or de jure, the highest office holders in the kingdom, and share a status of co-rulers with men, even being depicted in monuments with the same height as their husbands or otherwise and even as the other Gods of Egypt.Such were the cases of Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Nefertari and the Nubian Egyptian Queens.The role of women in Egypt has changed throughout history, from ancient to modern times.From the earliest preserved archaeological records, Egyptian women have been thought to be considered nearly equal to men in Egyptian society, regardless of marital status.

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Married Egyptian women were expected by their husband's families to bear children, but particularly males.

Despite this equality, women were expected to avoid contact with men who were not kin and to veil themselves in public.

As children, females were raised to be solely dependent upon their fathers and older brothers.

Politically, they often managed to become Interregnum queens.

In the Ptolemaic Dynasty this rise to power was sublimated with the establishment of a coregency system, in which Queens had the same position as Kings and were even powerful enough to obtain in dispute that coregency for themselves.