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“The whole thing will be very anti-Hollywood,” the friend said.

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While some like June Cleaver, others loathe her and give her a lot of flak for being the archetypal 1950s woman the second wave of the Women’s Movement was trying to liberate.

If you search the internet, you can find all kinds of things from t-shirts to memes proclaiming people’s disdain for the June Cleaver lifestyle.

Lifestyles and fashions may have changed but the perspective of a child’s view of the adult world while growing up, is still relevant, relate-able and fun to watch.

June was, after all, still the parent and the producers wanted her to appear that way on screen.

Billingsley also cleared up further rumors about June’s wardrobe, which many viewers believed looked quite expensive.

When watching the show, you can frequently see wet pavement whenever there are outdoor shots, as the darker wet ground provided better contrast on screen.

Like wetting the pavement, Billingsley’s neck had to be covered up in order to prevent the shadow.