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Since the tree trunks were entombed in the basalt lava, the wood is thus supposedly at least 30 million years old.
Late-night eats like yellow chicken curry and biscuits and gravy are a welcome departure from coffee shops’ scones (although Jobot is known for its bakery items, too), and the Espresso Sunrise is a popular drink order.

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When you purchase tires from a dealer, you can expect that they will be between 18 months and 5 years old, so make a note of it to remind yourself when you’ll definitely need to replace them.

The number 225 in this case, is the width of the tire, given in millimeters, followed by a slash. That is followed by a number which gives the inside diameter of the tire in inches.So how can you tell when your reach their sixth birthday?You don’t have to play guessing games to figure it out – the information is all right in front of you, on the sidewall of each tire.Please enter your contact information and DOT Code(s) below and select "Submit." Each online submission form allows for up to 8 different DOT Codes to be entered.The DOT code is an alphanumeric code that appears on the sidewall of the tire. Department of Transportation, it identifies where a tire was manufactured, specific characteristics about the tire and its age.The first two numbers represent the week, and the second pair indicates the year.