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This will have implications on how smart of a decision it is to use consolidation and may limit how much you are able to save with this method.

For instance, if you transfer ,000 and a pay a balance transfer fee of three percent, this will amount to 0.

And in many cases, they aren’t really adding any value that you couldn’t create yourself by seeking a bank loan or another consolidation method.

This brings us to an important difference between consolidation companies and debt management companies.

An important factor to consider before jumping into debt consolidation is the effect it can have on your credit score.

Ideally, this loan would come from a bank or credit union.

The thing to consider in this case is the interest rate and any fees.

On the other hand, there are several ways that consolidation could dent a credit score.

Taking out a new loan or opening a new credit card will require a hard credit check, creating a temporary ding in your score.