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" In short, there's all sorts of delights, I'm no equivocator— And squalls by day, ditto by nights. I must make room, however, for the facetious lines which Mr. The young, the strong, the sweet to boot; In every tiny plot of ground The Ingion is certain to be found.

Horncastle has con- tributed, in imitation of Phillips' favourite Song of the Sea :— "Song:— The Onion. 'J'is pickled in jars for home supplies, Or on the rumpsteak tempting lies. " I love, oh, how I love to walk Thinking of nothing, and chewing a stalk.

But, Sir, they do not apjiear to have yet dwelt on the many minor miseries inflictetl hy tlie stcirm in (piestion, during the violence of which even nature's kind restorer, sleep, was either denied the un- happy sufferer, or hy a refinement of cruelty converted into a new instrument of torture. " A light yet lingers in the west, Keflected on tiie broad sea's breast, essela, previously grinning, and 11 Which pnnts and heaves m almost spent «y grappling with an element Its mortal foe ; for never yet Hath wind and wave in friendship met.

For my own part, it Avas long ere the conflict of the tflements allowed me any chance of ohliviou, but at length exhausted nature seemed to exert her supremacy, and I sunk luiconsciously into the arms of Morpheus. ' if sleep it could be called where sleep was none.' I found myself whirled through the air, astride on a gigantic onion, bathed in an atmosphere of perfumes— not, indeed, perfumes of Arabia, but of Ascalou, the fragrant remirn"scences of the day l)efore, although my stomach had as yet been guiltless of the enormity of onion. ir-n 'i'""' hree-ze, a murmuring sigh, Will ruffle (K;eau'8 dignity; Then how much n.ore, when winds arise, That draw dark chnids o'er sunlit skies, JJoth angry ocean chafe, and tear, With maddening wrath, the frolic air !

i'hich I once in- 9 I'm for the root, I'm for the root, Upon this theme I can't be mute, M^ith its green above, and its white below, And fragrance %vheresoe'er it grow. When rabbits are boil'd, and mutton is hash'd, They both should be smother'd in onions, well raash'd. For her darling duck will tears supply, I ne'er sat down to a roasted goose. Onion, thy savory juice, And backward flew from her brawny breast, Like a bird that seeketh her mother's nest, And my mother, I'm sure, she was fond of thee, *or I m marked with an Inffion upon my knee. " The root was ripe in the autumn mom, The seed was sav'd, when I was born.

The ploughman whistled, his Onion gnaw'd As out of the bed a whacker he claw'd, And never was nurse so heard to scold, For I squalled for an Onion at two days old.

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Those too large to be entirely included in one exposure are filmed beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to right and top to bottom, as many frames as required. ' .1 I % 6 i:)2 5 the at : as 80J( wig imj inc can onl ord pasi sioi the ^ tell pro "^29/7 PREFACE.Comprend du materiel supplementaire Only e(^ filmed beginning with the front cover and ending on the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- sion, or the back cover when appropriate.All other original copies are filmed beginning on the first page with a printed or illustrated impres- sion, and ending on tha last page with a printed or illustrated impression.Un des symboles suivants apparattra sur la dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le cas: le symbols — ► signifie "A SUIVRE ", le symbols V signifie "FIN". PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY AND BOTANY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. seems in reality but little difference between the wide distribution of an unpublished work, and the act of its publication, I have purposely confined the impression of this little volume to the number of one hundred copies.Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre filmds d des taux de reduction diffdrents. If a man \vould study human nature in and for itself, he must tal;e a much larger tour than that of Europe The tour of Europe is like the en- tertainment that Plutarch speaks of, which Pompey's host of Eplrus gave him. It has therefore appeared to me, that in a Work of such limited circulation, no greater degree of delicacy was called for in mentioning the names of the indi- viduals with whom I had been thrown into contact, than ought in propriety to have been observed re- specting them, in the general intercourse of society, or in one's correspondence with private friends.Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre reproduit en un seul clich6, il est fi! There were many dishes, and they had a seeming variety ; but when he came to examine them narrowly, he found them all made up of one hog, and indeed nothing but pork variously modi&ed.— War bur ton's Letters to Kurd. As howpver I should have acted in this respect differently, had my Notes been designed for publi- cation, it is my hope, that if they should chance to share the fate, which has befallen so many Works, both bad and good, written by Englishmen on the United States, and be seized upon hereafter, without my sanction, by some American Publisher, the latter will at least have the good taste to omit, in his Edition, the names of individuals, moving only in a private circle, which occur in the course of my Narrative. ancestors-he owes it to his coadjutors-he In TJf Zten t tl P''^^"*'.^"'^ *^« ^^'"•"g generatiois of men, pregna Die ground. '"*' ^^^^"'^l"^ ^" circumlocution, comes to trie scratch at once.