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I know you might be wondering how this can be, especially when there are so many horror stories about online dates gone awry. I put in good vibes, I got excited, I didn't take it too seriously and in turn, I never had a terrible date. Ok, I came close once, but he was more annoying than anything else. But I also avoided these five mistakes than can often attract the wrong people and lead to dates that suck. Actually it's not just knowing, it's having the confidence to put yourself out there.

You want to be like: I am actually none of those things but you get the point. If you are thinking you could always use a mirror, stop! You are better than a selfie and you are way better than a mirror. When you take a first date to a place that is blah, you are putting a ton of pressure on the two of you to be super interesting and dynamic right off the bat. Instead, try a first date at a place that is dynamic all on its own.

If you are going to take the time, you might as well have fun.

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Ocean crust is formed primarily of volcanic basalt.In effect, the ocean floor has behaved like a giant tape recorder.The pattern of stripes matches exactly the field reversals found in basalt on land.Imagine being able to travel the whole world doing what you love, with the people you love - although maybe you haven't met them yet. And so, with our homework done, we could start working on Saltmates’ product definition & branding.“Saltmates is an app for i OS & Android which connects Ocean Lovers in real time and in real life, for dating, making friends, or to enjoy beach related activities - whilst also actively contributing to Ocean Conservation”We want to connect people who live the Ocean lifestyle.Friends bonded by the sun, the ocean, and the waves: that’s what Saltmates are. Some of these connections will be for engaging in Ocean related activities, or group activities, or sometimes even to fall in love with someone who has the same interests as you.Nolan Brady is a Yacht Captain with a curious mind, unbreakable will and big dreams. However, other questions were more difficult to answer, some even defying the laws of logic. We set up a focus group and asked our potential customers what they liked about our existing apps, and what they would love to have - and also what they hated and how we could make it better.