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The PVC banner is custom printed to the size you require with eyelets placed on each corner and along the top and bottom edge as required by the requested length. At only R300 per square meter, including eyelets, this is one of the most cost effective promo banners.

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Interesting perspective from the males point of view.I believe he hit every emotion in the first few chapters and kept it going throughout the book! The struggle of what to do and what not to do can be …The task of getting a man to commit has been one that has frustrated women from time immemorial.Then let her tell you how she feels and actually listen with an open mind.Maybe for her a strip club is a big betrayal for some reason that will make no sense to you, but be a core belief of hers.

I would have no hesitation recommending others to Kim who face various obstacles/barriers in their life.” - Kevin H.Maybe she’ll feel better about it if she goes along.Maybe you and your bestie need to take a secret trip to the strip club the week before, so you can get your dance and keep your fiancée happy. The wedding is really small – so we are focusing on spending time with our friends at bachelorette parties since many are not coming to the wedding (destination wedding, Mexico). The mail bag is running low on sexy Q’s so hit me up with anything you wanna know, learn or try in bed – or if you need more lesbian dating advice. I’m engaged, and we’re getting married in two months.If you approach the situation less like a battle that one of you has to win, there’s more room for everyone to walk away feeling, ok, maybe not happy, but heard.