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One day a student working on her master’s degree, and an incorrigible matchmaker besides, suggested I should go on a blind date with her former professor in a nearby city. He spent 30 minutes asking the waiter about each entrée. He asked about the wine list, too, then ordered a single glass. Once, during pillow talk, he told me UFOs existed, but the moon landing was a hoax. A friend raised blue-collar in Bakersfield, California—she was just shortlisted for a prestigious fellowship in her research area—said: “I want to be with a person who knows what it takes to get from there to here.

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You can meet our passionate team and learn more about our work by attending the “Heart of Iona Tour.” The process of aging is a profound experience marked by increasing physical and emotional change and a heightened search for meaning and purpose.

However, the imitation of behaviors that peers engage in can also be extrinsically motivated, for instance, through social rewards and punishments, such as inclusion or exclusion, or higher or lower status (Brechwald & Prinstein, ).

The 30-year-old Williams was seen with the 20-year-old in Paris recently.

Williams was most recently attached to Common, but they reportedly broke up sometime last year.

Participants also completed individual questionnaires to assess their perceived sexual descriptive norms, injunctive norms, pressure, and risk norms among their peers.

Actor–partner interdependence model (APIM) results revealed that youths’ perceived descriptive, injunctive, and risk norms, but not their experienced peer pressure, were related to both their own (actor effects) and their friends’ (partner effects) normativity and deviance.