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Dating with genital herpes

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Got the all-clear on the virus in late 2013, but have still had bad pap results. Woman C: I found out I'd had a bad Pap test and was positive for HPV in June 2011.That was the first moment I thought that I might have a normal life. Firstly, it was painful and gross, and then I was worried about the implications it'd have on my then-relationship and potential future relationships. And I felt incredibly stupid and ashamed, like I could have avoided it if I had just been more careful and, oh, I dunno, refused oral sex from my then-boyfriend whenever he had even the slightest hint of a cold sore. I've always practiced safe sex, so it felt really unfair, aside from anything else.

She told me she'd gotten it at my age and then picked up a family portrait on her desk, featuring a catalog-perfect husband, kids, and dogs on the beach.Masturbation was my salvation — it was pretty much the only time I could relax enough to have an orgasm.Has there been any long-term impact on your health? I can't see how it possibly could, unless I was giving birth and had an outbreak and had to have a C-section.But that's a long way in the future, if it happens at all. I only worry about the possibility of passing it on when I eventually have kids (I could avoid the risk with a C-section.Yes, I have mulled this over because I'm an overthinker). I still have the lesions, which have taken a long time to clear up (they usually do on their own).I had maybe two outbreaks after the initial one, so sex was off the table for those weeks, but it's been dormant for years.