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Yahoo News reports that US intelligence officials are investigating links between Trump adviser Carter Page and the Russian government. He is a former Merrill Lynch investment banker in Moscow.

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“If people grow up thinking that meeting on Tinder is normal, it’s going to do so much to make people more superficial and objectified than they ever should be,” James said.

The name Dell may be synonymous with computers, but a younger Dell has his eyes set on online dating. founder Michael Dell, will launch a new dating app called “Thread” to connect college students. 20 at the Fiji house, with admission granted to anyone who has downloaded the app.

Her thesis will be a chapter in the book “Sex in the Digital Age” by Ashgate Publishing.

“You start to use these devices and yeah, it’s awesome,” James said.

Apps like Meetup match people based on their personal interest rather than pictures. “Just because that person is hot or you have similar interest with them does not mean there is an emotional connection there,” Rostvold said.

Rostvold said talking to people on Tinder or texting someone constantly derails interpersonal communication skills.

In narrowing down the pool of community members who access the app, Dell said he intends to increase the degree of safety for users.

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“It was almost like I was being catfished.” Tinder can create a lot of false expectations and pressure, she said. “It’s a lot of pressure because everyone wants to look their best on Tinder and it can be hard to match that photo you have on Tinder when you meet them in person.” Taryn Olivas, biochemistry senior, said whether or not someone is looking for a romantic or physical connection, dating apps can be a good way to meet and connect with newer people. Whether you're a student at the University of Texas in search of a new crew, a dog owner on the prowl for companionship with another animal-lover, or a woman wanting more control over her dating life, these five apps may be useful. Dating can be weird, awkward and scary all at once. But the talented individuals of the tech sector have tried to make it easier to meet new friends and put yourself out there in some not-so-traditional ways.“If you actually take the time to talk to people on Tinder, you can tell pretty quickly who is looking for what,” Olivas said.“It takes a lot of patience because everyone wants different things.” James said some dating apps are not always superficial and based on looks.“When you want to date someone, physical attraction is a big deal,” Olivas said.