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The carpenter, with his planing, matching, and other machinery, was relieved from the drudgery of his trade, but, on returning home at night, found no labor-saving machinery to relieve, his wife in her toil with the needle.The farmer, with his reaper, and threshing machine, gathers his harvest and prepares his grain for market with ten times the rapidity and ease that he could before these were invented; but his companion and helpmeet found no machinery to speed her labor and ease her toil, until the advent of the sewing-machine.What the telegraph is to the commercial world, the reaper to the agricultural, the sewing-machine is to the domestic.The application of machinery to the purposes of sewing is of recent date, yet it has quietly worked its way into a position of great importance, not only in the relief that it brings to thousands of needle-women, but in a commercial view.

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Hoping to meet with better success in his enterprise, he went to Europe, for the purpose of securing its patent there, and of enlisting capitalist in its manufacture. Notwithstanding their sales have been so extensive, the demand increases as the knowledge of their real value becomes known.This invention, employed small geared wheels to corrugate the cloth, and through the folds true produced it thrust a long needle.This machine, like the former, proved to be useless for manufacturing clothing, but it is employed in making small bags for grocers.A little more than a year after the first sewing-machine patent was granted, Mr.BEAN, of New-York, obtained a patent for using the common sewing-needle with machinery.The first real improvement made upon this machine was to change the needle from a horizontal to a vertical action, abandon the "baster-plate" and place the fabric to be sewed horizontally upon a plate beneath the needle and move it alone with plus and other projections which penetrated the cloth. WILSON, now of the firm of WHEELER & WILSON, obtained a patent for a "two-pointed shuttle," which would take a stitch in the backward, as well as in the forward motion. SINGER in the Patent-office records in connection with sewing machines. ]tress, and manufacturers of ready-mule clothing, ships and collars, skirts, hats, caps, ladies' gaiters, boors, shoes, harnesses and upholstery; and every other manufactory, where the needle and thread are used, has been benefited by this invention, Many few branches of industry have been created, and their pursuit rendered highly remunerative.