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It's the same answer I had when someone mentioned a Red Sonja movie. ------------- Yik Yakker: Like Badger noted, was based on the Richard Speck murders of the student nurses in the 1960s.I bought it from Larry at Video Mayhem years ago, even after he tried to dissuade me from ordering it.Yik Yakker: If it is the "Naked Massacre" that I am familiar with, it is a French film with only one attacker and is based on Richard Speck's murder of nine student nurses in Chicago many years ago.

A poster to the Boilerplant group put it succinctly when he heard the news: Two words.... I also think it's a waste of time to speculate on who's going to star in a proposed new movie and whether she'll be tied up or not. It's not gonna be a different in this case, either.

That's as much as I can tell you, based on the picture series.

No one here has reviewed these flicks yet., and has an abduction theme.

There are also scenes of her using the toilet and taking a bath with one of the guys watching her. The second is called and involves a home invasion by a couple of knife-wielding thugs.

That's as much as I can tell you, based on the picture series. Wonder Woman: I have no idea if the proposed movie is ever going to come together (some of the stories online seem doubtful).