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I absolutely HATED this when I first tried it, and it sat on my dresser for over a month before I tried it again. The first time I tried it, I sprayed 2 inches away and I sprayed HEAVY on both arms and my neck. Smells amazing in the Fall with a leather jacket and jeans. Just go easy on that trigger and stand back, let the MIST hit your skin, not the stream, and only then will you get the true essence of this masterpiece.

The next time I decided to give it another go, I sprayed it about a good two feet away from my arm, instead of 2 inches away and WOW! The Indian reviewer Has that dirty oily vibe to it.

Smelling it brings back so many memories of my childhood days....going on vacation.

My father had worn this for years and I remember it very very well growing up.It really carries a load of sophistication and class with it. He's tall, intelligent, very quiet, but a strong type. On him, I smell warm, dry woods, some raw leather, but not rawhide, more like something that was once smooth and supple but has become worn with love for an eternity -- like an antique book -- a little rough around the edges but refined and holding more value as time goes on.To describe it as simply masculine doesn't do it justice.. The aldehydes are gorgeous in Aramis, gentlemanly, replacing typical citrus cologne notes with rugged manly fizz and augmented with oakmoss perfectly.The opening notes are grassy green and fresh, spiced with cinnamon.The heart is woody with pelargonium, which possesses an intensive floral-spicy aromatic scent. Top notes: artemisia, bergamot, cinnamon, gardenia; Middle notes: pelargonium, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood; Base: leather, oakmoss, amber. This is Aramis, masculine, sophisticated, polished, gentlemanly, and strong.It’s hard to pinpoint all the fragrance notes listed but I get some light florals, plenty of aldehydes, and more earthy tones.