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And then those people turn around and say, “well, we’ve got to protect marriage.”Oh my God, it’s like you’ve been eavesdropping on my life for the past month. And I absolutely do feel like there is now this pressure on gay people where we too now have to get married or else our relationships aren’t as significant or relevant.

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Ed's latest 16 track album sold a staggering 432,000 copies in less than a week, becoming the fastest selling album of 2017.

While it's unclear how much Ed will make from his latest offering, he's set his sights on selling more albums than Adele, who earned £84,000 a DAY last year after her album became the fastest selling in UK history.

That’s according to Dr Song Li, founder of, one of China’s biggest matchmaking sites – who apologises if his findings may not seem “politically correct”. Professors at the University of Hong Kong or a university in the UK or US might be interested in using our data to study the psychology of love,” says Li, who has the infectious enthusiasm and quirky personality commonly seen among bona fide serial entrepreneurs.

“I’d love it if our data could contribute to society.” He’s not kidding about the volume of data.

The aspiring model posted a number of shots from backstage at the singer's concert While multiple women claim that they were involved with the chart topper in their early to mid teens and also filmed engaging in sexual or lewd acts, R.

Kelly has never been found guiltily of any wrong doing. Kelly (pictured at court in 2007) has also been accused a number of times of engaging in sexual relationships with underage girls.

Roy Halladay's wife, Brandy, talked about her initial objections to her husband getting his pilot's license in a video posted just weeks before his death.magazine the star is worth an estimated £50million.Despite his huge success and celeb pals including James Blunt and Taylor Swift, 26-year-old Ed is notoriously private about his personal life, and especially about his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, who he has dated since 2015. Here's how the Shape Of You singer has built up his vast fortune…When it comes to dating, Chinese men are most interested in what women look like, while women want to know about a man’s income.The next consideration is a prospective partner’s profession: primary-school teachers and nurses are in high demand among men, while women favour men in IT or finance – areas men least want their partner to be working in.Ed Sheeran's career has gone from strength to strength, with his 2017 album Divide storming the charts and even a surprise cameo appearance in Game Of Thrones.