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So if, for example, you want to trace only data flowing over communications networks, use: Chapter 19, "Authorization service" In the section "Object Authority (OAM)", add the following subsection: Object Authority Manager (OAM) enhancements This section describes some enhancements to the Object Authority Manager (OAM) for MQSeries Version 5.2 and Web Sphere MQ Version 5.3.Refreshing the OAM after changing a user's authorization In versions of MQSeries before Version V5.2, most changes to a user's authorization group membership made at the operating system level were not implemented by the OAM immediately, but took effect only after the queue manager was stopped and restarted.

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Web Sphere MQ V5.3 System Administration Guide Chapter 11 "Transactional support" In the section "Using the Microsoft Transaction Server(MTS)", on Windows 2000, Hotfix Q313582 is required to use COM .

For example, you might decide to call the group QM1-Group.

Each group must only contain one queue manager, as described in Using multiple queue managers with MSCS.

It has a description of 'Web Sphere MQ V5.3 Install Doc'.

The installation image is provided as a compressed tape archive (tar) file.