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In this tutorial i am going to discuss building a simple audio player with basic controls like play, pause, forward, backward, next, previous, playlist and seekbar.

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After all, Sears owned this Chicago guitar company.

These instruments were the same Harmony made instruments except for the label and accounted for almost half of the instruments made. There were also a large number of "House Brands" made by Harmony.

I remember playing that little "O'" style guitar, jamming on a California beach.

I was always impressed by how it was able to project and carry a tune, given the circumstances. The Harmony name was a registered Trademark # 627412.

They supplied many of the big mail order catalogues through the years.

Sears marketed many of the Harmony instruments under the Silvertone label.

They made an interesting bluegrass banjo with a Bakelite/plastic rim and resonator.

Read all about the guitars we love in the first printing of the book the cronicles the history and the guitars produced by this USA guitar maker.My first guitar was a Harmony acoustic and learning to play guitar was inspired by one of these student instruments. I alwaysloved the look of the Black Sovereign with white pickguard that hung in the store.The guitars in my store at that time were mostly Harmony made, and I would spend hours looking through Jobber catalogues at these guitars. This most expensive guitar Grandpa Dave stocked, a whole $ 80, always caught my eye.How many beginning players had a sunburst Stella by Harmony to learn on?My experience with these guitars goes back to the early 60's.The last new (old stock) American made acoustic finally was sold around 1980.