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Under this metaphor, members of a given service can both "shop" for potential relationship partners and "sell" themselves in hopes of finding a successful match.
The Congress legislators were taken to the resort after six of their colleagues quit the party.

Dating by correspondence 1950s

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The strengths of Series I include documentation of the administration and governance of the University; Columbia's academic affairs and the administration of the academic divisions of the University; research programs and institutes; affiliated institutions and relations with other institutions; the development of disciplines and professions; the University's relations with the surrounding community; development programs; gifts to the University, donor relations, and alumni affairs; student affairs and services; campus planning and architecture; awards and honorary degrees; and events and ceremonies.Central Files reflects Columbia’s development into a university; the formation and implementation of administrative policies and procedures; the structure of the University administration; the activities and role of the University’s governing bodies; and the daily operations of the University.Records in Central Files also contribute to the understanding of University governance.In particular, substantial correspondence in the files relates to the board of trustees.Central Files is a critical resource for documentation Columbia’s development as a university.The earliest records in the files date from the administration of Presidents Low and Butler, who were instrumental in Columbia’s transformation from a college into a university.It is sometimes possible to follow the development of a particular procedure or policy from early discussions in the correspondence to the implementation of the new policy or procedure.Records in the files also relate to the formation of new administrative offices, many of which reflected the increasingly businesslike structure of the University administration.

dating by correspondence 1950s-87

For example, during the Butler and Low administrators, the president and secretary often corresponded regarding administrative issues and how to carry out administrative tasks.

The files record a host of routine tasks, including the management of administrative offices, in particular in terms of officer personnel, facilities and finances; the preparation of reports, bulletins, and other publications; and the scheduling of appointments and meetings, as well as administrative issues, such as University-wide employee benefits and labor relations.

More importantly, Central Files documents admissions issues, registration and related tasks, finances, and facilities management through the University.

Materials in the files chronicle the move to Morningside Heights, the establishment of schools and departments, the introduction of new administrative offices, and the increasing size and gradual professionalization of the administration.

As the University grew, so did the number of administrative tasks and issues to be faced.