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There are many reasons that can lead an individual to stay in a relationship with someone who is abusing them. MYTH: Abusers are unable to control their behavior. MYTH: Stress is a major cause of relationship violence.

REALITY: Everyone experiences stress in their lives at some point, but the reality is that not everyone is abusive toward their partners.

Stopping the abuser’s drinking will not stop the violence.

Both intimate partner abuse and substance abuse need to be addressed separately, as overlapping yet independent problems.

All statistical data and estimates of LGBT domestic violence are proportionate to heterosexual domestic violence statistics.

Teen dating violence is a serious problem affecting adolescents across the nation, and it is an issue that often goes overlooked or unrecognized.

Abusive partners choose to be violent toward their partners in ways they would never consider treating other people.

Abuse occurs when the abuser exerts power and control over another.

In other words, relationship violence is not caused by stress.

The only true cause of relationship violence is the abuser’s choice to act violently.