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The new features include read receipts, e-mail templates and the ability to create calendar events from e-mails.
196X - 1996 Western Australian Government Railways (XBC 21005) 1996 to Tranz Rail 1996 - 2017 Kiwi Rail, service 06/2017 to Oamaru Steam & Rail Hopper Removed to become track work wagon.

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Everytime we were together he would interigate me on what I had been doing since he last saw me and blame me for his problems in life even from before I knew him, all the while accussing me of cheating and trying to steal his identity.He would lume over me and scream and shake his fists.He is out of town now and has gone on a complete rant telling me that he can not be with me anymore because of how I looked at other men in the past and disrespected him, he said that he can not be with a woman who would treat him that way or hurt him like that.Keep in mind that he has not been accusing me of looking at men in months, after I said that I had "admitted" to looking at men months ago I promised him that I wouldnt look at them anymore and would show him how much I love him everyday.I continued to go see him for a few months since it was my fault he was there (or so he led me to believe).Only when I stopped going to see him (he got moved too far away) did I realize the true control he had over me and how much life I had lost and how he had destroied my self esteem and self worth. If you can get through years of emotional abuse, you can get through the grief of a lost relationship.You say that you love him, and therefore I understand if it's difficult. Now I am happily married and I am never exhausted from my ordeals with my husband. Frankly, I would say enough is enough and you deserve better. Say to yourself HUNDREDS of times a day: I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF.

I told him that I dont hear voices in my head and that most people dont and he acted like I was crazy and kept saying really?

just reas your story and thought i was reliving my life i goes throught this all the time, he accuses me of lying to him and cheating with everyone i come into contact with.

i dont cheat on him, i love him dearly and i dont want to lose him but the relationship is really taking a toll on me.

I am emotionally exhausted by all the hurtful things he has been saying all week. I can tell you from personal experience that things will never change.

I dated a man with OCD/manic depressive disorder with hints of schizophrenia for over two years.