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I read and control minds, amongst other things.” Yeah, boyo, I wouldn’t be telling you all this if I didn’t. “Ah, okay”, he says, again disappointing her with his all too apparent non-out-freaking behaviour. The sound of his steps disappearing down the stairs. 'Granny has got one setting: real,' said Miss Stollak, who works as a TV writer.'Friends will sugarcoat things, make it sounds nice. Vanessa can hear Chino’s sarcastic thought as clearly as if he had spoken the words. Out loud he says: “There’s a good reason you haven’t seen him in so long. ” Neferthali raises one of her delicately shaped eyebrows as she turns to her cavalier. ” The one called Ivers bites his lip and clenches his free hand. I mean, of course there’s a good reason, but non that I would wish to bore my lady with”, he says and even manages a gallant smile. There, now you have one more thing to talk about.” Chino flashes Ivers a victorious face, but then accidentally meets Neferthali’s eyes and is instantly caught. ” Her voice is like golden nectar, and when Vanessa sees Chino’s face melt before the vampire’s gaze she knows that her date for the evening has been effectively ruined. She takes a long draught from her ceasing drink and pretends not to pay attention while her audaciously gorgeous ancestress talks Chino up and gracefully inquires about everything from his name to his preferences in women. Why must this happen every fucking time we go out together? You know, like I always do.” Neferthali gives her a long look, then shakes her head. Within seconds Vahri can’t see either of them anymore. Then somebody settles down beside her – slightly too close – and she looks up again. Tonight, however, has taken a turn for the sour and she is definitely not in the mood to be talked up by her godmother’s sloppy seconds. ”, she mutters and once again tries to drink from her empty glass. She doesn’t realize she should be surprised until after several deep gulps. ”, Vanessa sighs as the reason behind her unexpected refill suddenly sinks in. Thus we have much to talk about.” Who even uses the word “thus” in speaking? Just remember to wipe his memory afterwards because I accidentally slipped and told him everything. It is alright for him to know these things.” And with this she lets her arm slither around Chino’s waist and leads him off into the crowd. How stupid of me”, she mutters and turns back to her glass, just to once again discover its miserably empty state. He smiles broadly at her and on any other night he would have been a catch.

And yeah, his cat wasn’t really a cat either but some terribly obnoxious guy who was turned into a feline three hundred years ago because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut or whatever. He’s that guy over there at the bar, if you were wondering. ” The dark haired man in the crimson suit looks handsome enough, and not a bit like a cat, but it is his company that surprises her. “Vahri, meet Ivers”, Nefethali says as she allows the man to wrap his arm around her waist.

He’s more drunk than her but still manages to nod in all the right places, his hungry eyes making it perfectly clear that he expects this social deed to yield some kind of reward later.

She’s a little disappointed that he doesn’t freak out when she tells him about her mother decapitating her junior high sweetheart, but hey some people are just hardened assholes. “So now I’ve been living with my vampire godmother for seven years, protecting her from hunters and the sun and her own bad taste in men.

'We just broke broke up after the book got printed, it was a great relationshiop that ran it's course.'Meanwhile Granny, as Miss Stollak calls her, wasn't looking for a relationship - she was simply looking to have some fun, and support her granddaughter.

'Shes likes her independence, not being committed to someone According to the book, Gail dated her ex-husband for just five weeks before tying the knot at 19 in 1954.