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Supposedly Avatar gets all sorts of "crap passed the radar": But I'll like you to decide on that one.

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Double negatives are annoying, so let me be clear: Romantic or not, if I have known you for over a year and we've never argued, we're not close.

I recently fought with my …There are countless ways to respond to the oft-posed sixth date question "What are we?

Men and women who describe themselves as “happy” or “shy” on dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Happn, risk putting off potential matches.

This is according to research involving 400,000 dating profiles on a website used for extramarital hookups.

Women should date multiple men in the same time period if they wish to settle down, a leading relationship coach has advised.

Monogamy is the model that many follow in the bid to settle down and get married.

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It's why every year I secretly hope I'm getting a surpr…Tinder photos are kind of like the window displays of the dating world." You might reply: "boyfriend/girlfriend." You might say: "dating." Other appropriate replies include: "doctors" (if you are indeed both doctors) or "two lonely cur…I used to have a really bad habit of rushing into relationships.I'd fall hard and fast, and, before I realized what was happening, I had locked it down.The nights are cooler, the leaves have changed colors, shop windows have traded in their beach balls for twinkle lights, and on every window sill, you’re sure to find a scented candle named after a cookie flavor. For example, you never see the person you care about, and you miss them a lot.That’s righ…I love to date unavailable men who travel a lot! Also, you're forming a relationship with someone who is ch…I've never had a meaningful relationship with a person I've never fought with.If that's true, then how many words is a GIF worth? When you're flirting online with the future love of your life and potential soulmate, the perfect GIF can…