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However, for some fathers entering the dad's race at their child's sports day, it really wasn't.There are photos galore currently being posted on Twitter of dads sporting gritted teeth and expressions so serious they might be reserved for an Olympic athlete as they try and outdo their fellow parents on the running track. As a dad, I get that it's tricky riding the line between "it's up to me to raise strong, confident women who make smart, informed, decisions for themselves that are meant to please them more than they please me and that sometimes I'll have to be the asshole to her to do this," and "my daughter is my property and I know what thoughts go through the mind of a 15-year-old and I'll kill you." But it is a line that dads need to learn and it's important that these archaic ideas of fatherhood die a quick death. We show you that as a woman you're as strong as a man and that you set out the path for who you do or do not fall in love with, not us. I don't have to talk to them about their sex lives to support their choices. These shirts may be purchased in jest but I'm not sure a five-year-old fully understands that. Why suggest we need to shorten the leash on our female children while giving out even more to our male children who we stupidly assume are out to get our girls. We don't have a very appealing acronym for our t-shirt business but we feel pretty good about the messages we're trying to send out girls. We'll show you our relationship and all the good thing and bad things that come with it and you know that you're free to do the same if that's what you choose. You don't have to be "Dear Daughter, I hope you have awesome sex" to show that you support the autonomy of your little girls. For others, watching from the sidelines, the competitiveness of some dads was just a little too much to [email protected] penned: Went to the youngest's sports day. So many egos in 3/4 length [email protected] Wrighttt had a similar experience, writing: 'These dads are so competitive oh dear God' After the children had been balancing eggs on spoons and tying their ankles together for the three-legged race, fathers began gearing up for their moment in the racing spotlight, albeit on a local scale. Now, I know there's every chance that the man (can I safely assume dad? In fact, very little of what he did the day I watched him sporting his D. There's Dads With Shotguns on Prom Night and also Dads Who Lock Up Their Daughters Vaginas When They're Born. Dads For Daughters Dating, or Dads Who Accept Their Daughter's Choices is more in line with how we're trying to raise our girls. But at face value, a shirt that reads Dads Against Daughters Dating is horrible for a number of reasons: This shirt comes in many forms. If you want to wear a shirt that supports your daughter's future why not wear one of the It Starts With You: #Im AMale Model campaign that speaks to ending violence against women? Make sure they know they're strong enough to make choices and that those choices have weight of their own, even before they've come to dear dad asking for his blessing.

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